I draw peekturesHuh?


That's right folk's it's the Dave Brockie "trade your worthless money for my valuable art" page! The page where ME, Dave Brockie, notorious malecontent, peddles my hasty scribblings for outrageous heaps of cash. I've created this page to keep track of the work, let the people who bought the work see their piece displayed, and finally to convince you to depart with some of your hard-earned cash and buy my shit! Hurumph!

People seem to like hanging my shit on their walls, and sometimes they will even put paintings there! So I'm always (never) available for custom commissions (paintings, album and magazine covers...etc.), affordable prints of classic GWAR/Brockie work, costume pieces, tattoo design, and much, much less! The pricing is affordable, and all pieces are sure to be worth a lot more after my tragic fatal crack binge (coming soon, so order now). Work generally takes anywhere from 5 mintutes to several years, depending in how drunk I am. Just email me directly at maggotmaster13@gmail.com. Business only please!!!!!

Here's a bunch of stuff I made fer folks, make sure you scroll all the way down!


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-Some of the images are VERY large and may take some time to download-


"Husband as Oderus Flies Through Space, Propelled by Fart"

Pen and ink, 2010

In private collection

Shoe Licked

"A Shoe Once Licked by God"

16 x 24, 2010

acrylic on stretched canvas

assist by Bianca Panzram

Captain and Cthulu

"The Captain and Cthulu"

12 x 18, 2010

Ink on paper, mounted on board

Baby Bong

"Baby Bong"

Latex and plastic, 2010

assist by Bianca Panzram

Fucking Fairy

"Fucking Fairy Bitch on Stupid Skull"

Pen and Ink 2011

with assist from Bianca Panzram

Rocker Dude 

"Oderus Impales Rocker Dude"

Acrylic on stretched canvas, 16 x 28 2010

In private collection

Elephant Buttplug

"Elephant Buttplug"

Pen and Ink 2010







Nasty Chip

"Nasty Chip"

Pen and Ink 2010


Bad Mutha

"Bad Mutha"

Pen and Ink 2010




Servant of Death's Head (updated)

"Servant of Death's Head" (revised)



Horrible Bigfoot


Brush and India Ink 2009

Oderus Burns in Hell

"Oderus Burns in Hell"

Acrylic 2009

Flying Spaghetti Monster

"Flying Spaghetti Monster"

Pen and Ink 2009


GorGor Hell

"Oderus Fights GorGor in Hell"

Pen and Ink 2009


Oderus Tank

"Oderus Tank"

Pen and Ink 2009



Pen and Ink 2009

SS Ghoul


Pen and Ink 2009


Iron Eagle

"Imperial GWAR Eagle"

Pen and Ink 2009


Jewcifer and Oderus

"Jewcifer vs Oderus in the bowels of Hell"

Pen and Ink 2009

Frenchy Steals Human Child

"Frenchy Steals the Human Child"

Pen and Ink 2009

Myself as Ghoul

"Myself as Ghoul"

Pen and Ink 2009



"Balsac Bitch"


Deaths Head

"Deaths Head"

2009 Acrylic on Canvas

McCain Rip

"John McCain Gut-Rip"

2008 Latex and Pigment

Eazy Crucifixion

"Eazy Crucifixion"

2004 Acrylic on Canvas

Death To Life

"Death to Life"

2009 Pen and Ink on Board



"Come Get Some"

2008 Acrylic on Foamcore



2009 Acrylic on Board


"Battle Lust"

2008 Pen and Ink




2008 Brush and Ink



"Dragon About to Eat a Knight's Head"

2008 Pen, Brush, and Ink


Welcome to New Jersey

2008 Pen and Ink




Zombie Soldier

Acrylic, 2008




[Apocalypse Plow]

"Apocalypse Plow"

Photoshop, 2007

Oderus 300

"Oderus 300 "



"Barf Head "




2007 Acrylic

Coal Oderus

"Coal Oderus"

Acrylic 2007

Flabulated Man

"The Flab-Ulated Man"

Acyrlic, 2007

Oderus On Skulls

"Oderus on a Pile of Fucking Skulls"

2007 Acrylic

Pointing Oderus

"Pointing Oderus"

Pen and Ink 2007

Celt From Hell

"A Celt from Hell "

2006 Acrylics

How I Feel

"This is how I Feel"

2006 pen and ink



2007 Acyrlic, latex rubber, wood, on board

Oderus Skull

"Oderus Skull"

2007 Pen and Ink

Oderus Costume

Here's a full Oderus suit I made for Steve in North Carolina. Actually Matt did most of the work!

Deaths Head

"Servant of Death's Head"

2005 CG w/ custom frame

Oderus Mask

Here's an Oderus head I did for T in CA

Rip-Out Oderus

"Rip-out Oderus"

Pen and Ink, 2004

This piece goes to Thacker in the frozen northlands! It is destined fpr his skin...

prints available


"Weird Church"

2004, Acyrlics

Detail 1, Detail 2

Devil Girl

"Devil Girl"

pen and ink

This original piece goes to Amy!

Flip-Off Oderus

"Flip-off Oderus"

2004 Pen, Ink, and Photoshop
This is another tattoo design, this time for Chris in NJ! I hope it hurts...

prints available

Road Trip

"Road Trip"

Pen and Ink 2003

for FNS Magazine

Prints available


This piece of Photoshop collage insanity goes to Forth yeer freshman from Denver. This band rocks and if you get a chance check them out, they are heavy and hilarious as shit!

Future of Punk

"The Future of Punk"

pen and ink 2003This was the original design for the FNS cover until I realized it had nothing to do with the theme of the issue.

Original and prints available

Gay Ass Shit

This was a tough one--the request was for a design that combined the two ideas of eternity and rain...I know it sounds gay but give the people what they want. After not being able to decide what to do for months, I came up with some chinese characters that supposedly spelled the word "rain"and a dragon eating it's own tail. So there.